Fuel Management is Complex
We Make it Simple!

Managing fuel is complicated. No matter the size of your fueling operation, retail or commercial, Ryder Fuel Services offers a full suite of solutions to ease the challenges of fuel management.

Two distinct fuel-management applications – Commercial and Retail – have their own unique challenges:

New high-performance diesel engines must meet higher emissions and efficiency standards while also having longer service life. Sensitive to fuel contamination, modern diesel engines require clean fuel to operate reliably. Underground and aboveground storage tanks must be properly maintained to reduce fuel contamination that causes engine breakdowns, increases vehicle downtime and inflates fleet costs.


Service stations, convenience stores, grocery chains and big-box warehouse outlets must provide customers with quality fuel and a positive fueling experience. Clean storage tanks and properly maintained fuel dispensers are essential for preventing the distribution of out-of-spec fuel that damages vehicles and causes on-site fueling equipment to malfunction.

The Definitive Guide to Improving Fuel Quality – Commercial
The Definitive Guide to Improving Fuel Quality – Retail
A clean underground or aboveground storage tank will:
Reduce Costs
Reduce Downtime
Protect Engines
Ryder Fuel Management Services
Inventory Management

RFS utilizes automatic tank gauges to monitor USTs. RFS can reconcile fuel-inventory levels, poll unattended retail-fueling sites to match up transactions with ATG data, and verify correct delivery volumes were dropped.

Alarm Management

RFS monitors USTs 24/7/365 for leaks and malfunctions. If an alarm condition is detected, the RFS Tech Support Group will help facilitate corrective actions remotely or dispatch a service technician to the site.

Compliance Management

RFS tracks all local, state and federal UST regulations and lets you know if you have – or may be in danger of – falling out compliance. This service reduces risk and helps fueling operations avoid fines and site shutdowns.

Fuel Island Support & Maintenance Management

RFS technicians help keep your site’s fuel dispensing equipment in good operating condition. Back-office system support and tank inspections and cleaning also are available. RFS tracks all technical support requests to establish a maintenance history.

Project Management

RFS can help upgrade existing sites or design and outfit new fueling systems. From UST and ATG installations, to unattended fueling solutions and integrated back-office systems, Ryder will help you optimize fuel-storage and sales operations.

Preventative Maintenance Management

RFS develops targeted maintenance programs that align with the operational characteristics of individual retail-fueling sites. Services include tank cleaning and inspection, additive and filtration programs, site alarm tracking and management, and monthly and annual site-compliance inspections, including ATG certifications.

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Ensure You’re EPA Compliant

In October 2018, new U.S. EPA regulations for testing and maintaining underground storage tank (UST) systems became effective. Ryder Fuel Services provides Compliance Management Services that track all pertinent local, state and federal compliance regulations and alert you should your site be in danger of falling out of compliance.

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